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Class Descriptions

Lunch Refresh Yoga
Lunchtime yoga, specifically designed for those popping-in during their work day, is a blended fusion of vinyasa and yin. Allowing for both movement and juicy stretches, this hour long practice will leave you feeling ready to push through the rest of your day without being too sweaty to return to the office. You can expect a few mellow stretches to open up the body moving into fluid movement between postures and landing in a yin-zone with longer, static holds of 3-5 minutes at the end of class. No previous yoga experience necessary, just bring a playful attitude and be okay with modifying.

This class works your entire body with cardio, lower body, upper body and core exercises.

In this class, you will dance away your worries while going through uniquely choreographed moves and dance combinations. Zumba is for everybody, and every body!

Sculpt & Tone

A 45-minute workout using hand weights and your own body to work your muscles and tone your body.


This class will include conditioning exercises using the BOSU, hand weights, and your own body weight to provide a full body workout.

Basics with Ben

Learn proper form, muscle functions, rep ranges, and ask any questions you may have about exercise and nutrition.

Stretch Class with Christina

Learn the proper way to stretch everyday before and after workouts.

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