Lunenburg County Fitness Center hours Mon - Fri 6 AM to 10 PM  /  Sat & Sun 8 AM to 8 PM

Class Descriptions


In this class, you will dance away your worries while going through uniquely choreographed moves and dance combinations. Zumba is for everybody, and every body!

Core Blast

Strengthen abdominal, back and midsection muscles.  Increase stability using weights and fitness equipment. Blast your core and more!

Vinyasa Yoga

A flow style yoga incorporating the classic sun salutation to allow you to “flow” from posture to posture.  This flow will create heat in the body as you move with your breath which will help prepare the mind and body for the final relaxation pose in savasana.


Each class is 60 minutes. We start with a 5 minute light warm-up, followed by 45 minutes of riding to the beat! We finish off with a 10 minute stretch/clean-up.  Feel free to go at your own pace at any time.


Each class begins with a 5 minute head to toe dynamic warm-up. We will then do 45-50 minutes of work including weights, balance, agility and light cardio.  Finishing with a 5-10 minute full body stretch.  These classes are suitable for all abilities.

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